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Rent a house in Thailand and come to try genuine Thai massage

If you are thinking of a vacation, choose Thailand as one of the possible options. You can visit wonderful Asian country and try unforgettable Thai massage at once. Everything you need is to rent a house in Thailand and find someone who will keep you company. You probably have heard about Thai massage a lot of times... Let’s find out what exactly Thai massage is!

Thai massage was formed by the influence of ancient cultures of India and China. The art of Thai massage is over 2500 years old. Founder of Thai massage and medicine is said to be doctor Shivago Komarpaj. Nowadays you can get Thai massage all over the world. But I would advise you to go exactly to Thailand, which is the home of Thai massage. You can visit Thai Massage School if you rent a house in Thailand’s Chiang Mai. Thai massage is provided everywhere in Thailand. So you can choose one of the resorts of Thailand and get your Thai massage there. Try to rent a house in Thailand instead of staying in hotel and you will get more relaxation during your vacation.

The ritual of Thai massage could be different. It depends on chosen place. By the way, if you will rent a house in Thailand, masseur can come exactly to your apartments. Commonly before the massage you wear comfortable clothes (usually given in massage salon) and lye on the mattress on the floor. During two-hour long massage session masseur follows the Sen Lines of your body. According to Thai medicine there are energy channels inside your body. You are healthy and feeling well only when the energy can easy circulate inside your body. Thai massage helps to remove all the barriers on the way of your inside energy. What is interesting about Thai massage – they don’t use oil.

I can tell you a lot of Thai massage, but you never realize what it really is without trying it. So, hurry up, buy tickets and rent a house in Thailand, because Thai massage is waiting exactly for you!

5 Mar 2012